For over 10 years, Paatz | Scholz | van der Laan (PSvdL) has provided guidance, consulting services and thought leadership to large companies within the European energy industry. We support our clients in the implementation of their most important energy transition initiatives and guide them through the digitization of the energy industry.

In addition, we help our clients reshape their IT organizations through our subsidiary AZOLA. We are present at both energy companies, as well as non-energy companies.

Energy Excellence

As a leader in the energy industry, PSvdL has directed major European energy companies through key operational and commercial industry challenges including market liberalization, energy transition, decentralization and digitization of the energy industry.

Currently, we have close to 30 employees who are shaping the future of energy markets in agile, interdisciplinary teams.

& Digital Transformation

AZOLA is our wholly owned subsidiary, specialized in digital business transformation and in leading complex IT implementations. Our range of services include flexible project management and classic PMO services, roll-out and test management, and the functional support of IT solutions.

PSvdL invests in, and participates in the operations of interesting and innovative companies. Doing so instills a big picture perspective and provides PSvdL the unique ability to view situations from our clients’ position.


PSvdL is a 50% shareholder of Holthausen Clean Energy. Holthausen Clean Energy is a specialized electricity and gas supplier focused on commercial and industrial customers in the Dutch end consumer market.

DIGASKOTechnical competence within the gas industry

PSvdL is a 20% shareholder of DIGASKO. DIGASKO is the expert for all technical issues related to the German gas industry. DIGASKO currently supports network operators and industrial companies as they shift from L-gas to H-gas.

PSvdL develops programs and products in small teams that create value for our customers. One such product simplifies the billing of gas supply contracts allowing for the exact reading and visualization of electricity and gas meter data.

In 2016, we founded Ipanema GmbH as a way to foster creativity beyond our core competencies. In the first two years, we created a craft beer recipe, developed a brand and successfully launched it in several markets across Europe and Asia.

Join PSvdL

Our long-standing business relationships with renowned European energy and technology companies provides PSvdL with a steady stream of new business opportunities and interesting work.

In order to meet the growing demand for our services, we are always looking for new employees that are entrepreneurial, creative, who are not afraid to share their own ideas, and want to shape both the transition of the energy industry and the future of PSvdL.

We offer employment opportunities tailored to individual needs with performance-based and excellent compensation packages. We also offer an attractive and transparent employment environment where work-life balance is respected.

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